Title Name Term
President Mrs. Linda Walker May 2016 – 2020
Vice-President Mr. Jody Court May 2016 – 2020
Secretary/Treasurer Mr. Hector Acevedo May 2014 – 2018
Director Mr. John Ferro May 2014 – 2018
Director Mr. John Rose May 2016 – 2020
The Board meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm at the District office located at 2331 South Main, Stafford, Texas. Agendas for board meetings are posted the Friday before the meeting in both the Fort Bend and Harris County Courthouses, at the District office, and on the District website www.fbcwcid2.com

Persons interested in being placed on the agenda is asked to please do so in writing at least one week prior to the board meeting. Each request will be reviewed and if approved, a member of our staff will contact you. Please email your request to Administration@fbcwcid2.com or submit your request through the online form below.

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Board of Director Elections are held every even calendar year if needed. All elections postings will be placed on the website.